Are You 
Dissapointed or Sad About the Way Your Body Looks Right Now?

"If So, Don't Worry I'll Show You How To Quickly Flatten and Tone Your Tummy After Having a C Section Without Tons of Exercise or Strict Dieting...

...So You Feel Sexy and Attractive Again Instead of Embarrassed or Self Conscious

As a personal trainer and weight loss expert, I've created a NEW and unique, highly effective system you can easily use at home to help you tone up after having a c section...

WITHOUT strict dieting
, pills, or a ton of exercise!

From Jago Holmes, CPT
Dear new mom or mom to be
If you've just had a baby by c section and feel repulsed or upset by your new scarred, wobbly belly and desperately want to do something about it, then read on to find out exactly how you can.
You'll find out how to avoid making the 3 biggest mistakes you absolutely MUST NOT make and also discover a fast solution that will work for you that thousands of other new moms are using right now to get in to shape fast...
You'll learn everything you need to know about SAFE and effective exercises you can do at home after having after c section - so you lose weight, tone up and start feeling REALLY GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF!
Reading this short report could well mean the difference between being proud of the way you look or having hang ups about your body until you are old enough to no longer care.
It's no exaggeration to say that what you do or don't do now during your c section recovery can have a serious impact on the way you look, not just for the next few months...
...but for the rest of your life!

So if you want to act right now…straight away, to speed up your c section recovery, lose your baby fat and regain some pride in your appearance, all in just minutes a day, then this could be by far the most important information you will ever read.
A safe program of exercise after c section will help you to...

  • Avoid suffering pain which can be caused by trying to do too much too soon. Often new moms are desperate to lose their baby fat straight after giving birth so that they can regain some self confidence, unfortunately they try to rush their recovery and end up only making matters worse!
  • Learn how to quickly lose your baby belly by doing some simple things that take just a few minutes each day without risking long term damage and permanently distorting the shape and size of your stomach.
  • Naturally boost your energy levels at a time when even the simplest of tasks can seem like a mountain to climb. Stop feeling permanently tired and exhausted, take control of your body and rapidly speed up your c section recovery!
  • Get your life and body back after nine months of watching your shape and fitness change beyond all recognition... finally you can start to improve your body and regain your looks.

BUT PLEASE BE WARNED... without help, support and following the right advice during your c section recovery you really do risk causing yourself long term injury as well as jeopardising any chances you ever had of getting back in to really good shape...

Jago Holmes // Personal Trainer

Who am I and Why Should you Listen to Me?

My name is Jago Holmes, CPT, and I am a fully qualified and experienced personal trainer who has worked with hundreds of new moms over the last 10 years.
I have personally helped many of these women throughout their c section recovery to lose weight, tone up and gain more confidence in the shortest time possible.
I have also developed a safe and effective program specifically about 'exercise after c section' through working with my clients which will help any new mom who has given birth this way, whatever shape or size they are, to lose weight quickly and from the comfort of their own home.

It Has Taken Me Over 12 Months To Create, Hone And Perfect This Program For Exercising Safely After A C Section. I Have Learnt From My Client’s Successes And Their Failures, So That You Don’t Have To...

It's all been done for you...

In order for you to lose weight safely and improve your c section recovery, the normal rules of exercise and weight loss simply don't apply!
My program fits in to a busy new moms schedule, without taking time away from the care of your baby.
As a personal trainer my job is to educate new moms and teach them safe and effective ways of losing weight, exercising and being active. If you have given birth via a cesarean delivery then this is a much greater challenge and one for which you will need all the advice and guidance you can get.
I can teach you what works and what definitely doesn’t. I want to help all new moms that need my advice to learn about the safest and most effective ways to exercise after c section without causing themselves long term harm or damage, so I have created this system for you...

Are You Making One Of The '3 Big Mistakes' Nearly All New Moms Make During Their C Section Recovery?...

MISTAKE #1 - Doing Too Much Too Soon

If you are absolutely desperate to claim your body back, you'll be itching to return to your old fitness levels quickly, but rushing in too fast can have some major risks: -

  • By doing too much in the early stages of your c section recovery, just as your wound is healing, you could be causing an increased build up of scar tissue underneath the surface, potentially leaving you with a deep and bulbous ridge over the stitches instead of flat, smooth skin which will be barely noticeable in a few months.
  • If you are trying to do everything you feel you should be doing, despite the fact that you have just had a new baby AND been through major surgery, you're just kidding yourself. You'll end up feeling drained, tired and beaten... you need to give yourself a break!
  • Attempting sit ups or other 'inappropriate' stomach strengthening exercises too early is a big no-no. You CAN start toning and flattening your stomach immediately after the operation, but ONLY by using a few select movements, which don't cause damage to the wound.
  • If you try to become too active too quickly you will be constantly pulling at your stitches, which means they won't knit together properly and you'll have to wait longer before you can resume your normal lifestyle
  • By moving around too much without having the strength or support of strong abdominal muscles you risk suffering from long term lower back pain and possible 'doming' of your stomach.
  • Because your tummy muscles have been separated and are still very weak, they provide you with very little support for your spine meaning you run the risk of injury with the slightest of movements.

MISTAKE #2 - Not Doing Enough

After the operation and the ordeal of childbirth and a painful c section recovery, many women have a real emotional and physical low, where just doing anything is a huge effort and because you may also be worried about feeling pain from moving around too much, it is tempting to do nothing at all.

But taking this course of action can be a massive mistake...

  • Due to being inactive and not moving around, you will store a lot more of the calories that you eat each day, meaning you will get bigger still and store even more body fat!
  • Being too inactive after any major operation carries a very real risk of the formation of blood clots, leading to potentially life threatening embolisms.
  • Without the increased blood flow to the injured area which gentle exercise after c section will provide, you are prolonging the healing process by weeks, possibly even months!
  • If you don't move around and use your muscles, they will not get stronger, especially the muscles of the stomach and lower back which help to stabilise and support the whole body.
  • When muscles are not used they begin to atrophy (waste away) after just 2 weeks. This can be a big problem when those muscles are the ones responsible for supporting your spine!
  • Exercise helps to strengthen your heart and lungs, but the opposite is also true...when they are not being pushed they become much weaker, making simple tasks seem like a huge challenge!

MISTAKE #3 - Simply Carrying On As Usual

Another approach that many new moms take is to simply carry on as normal, even with the pain and discomfort of a c section recovery. If it looks as though they can't cope, they think it is a sign of weakness and inadequacy, they just desperately want to be the best mom they can be.

Under normal circumstances this attitude may be understandable, but after undergoing major abdominal surgery you really do need to take your own health and recovery much more seriously.
The biggest problems with acting as if nothing has happened are that: -

  • You can forget to protect and support the wound, which may leave you risking tearing the tissue that is forming over the scar.
  • If your priorities are based on everything else around you and not on your c section recovery, you will probably neglect the care and dressing of your own wound and your own health.
  • You don't make any allowances for the fact that you are convalescing from surgery and could end up over doing things, meaning you struggle to recover, setting you back weeks!
  • You don't slow down your pace of life. Recovering from a c section means you simply have to slow down, you will need to devote more time to doing the simplest of things to avoid hurting yourself.
  • If you don't strengthen and tighten the stomach muscles, because you have too many other things to do or you are just ignoring the problem, then your own health is at risk and the way you look and feel in the long term could be severely affected.

“My name is Charlotte Dawson and I run a physiotherapy practice called ‘Back to Fitness Physiotherapy’. For the past three years, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Jago and his team of personal trainers at New Image Personal Training.
I have almost ten years experience as a physiotherapist and have worked in a wide variety of clinical settings before specialising in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions (muscle pulls, back pain, tennis elbow etc). For a period of time I worked in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology and treated women both prenatally and postnatally, so seeing women after a caesarean section was a regular occurrence.
I was very interested to read Jago's book and I must say I was very impressed. It is packed full of information about what to expect from a caesarean and the effects on the body as well as brilliant advice about what to do afterwards.
Providing that there are no complications, women are sent home as soon as possible after a caesarean. Here they begin to undertake the challenge of being a new mum. With a little mouth to feed, nappy to change, home to look after etc. women can place themselves low on their priority list and all their good intentions of doing their pelvic floor exercises and gentle tummy exercises can go out of the window. This is where I think Jago's informative book comes into its own.
As a physiotherapist, I cannot begin to state strongly enough how important your tummy muscles are in looking after your low back. If your tummy muscles are strong, they hold the lower back in a stable position and this then gives the rest of the spine a stable foundation to sit on top of. Most post natal back pain is as a result of the laxity in the ligaments around the spine and pelvis, causing poor posture. Plus a lot of what you do as a new mum involves bending forward (changing the baby, picking up the baby, breast feeding etc) and this puts a lot of strain on the low back.
By following Jago's sensible approach to exercise outlined in this book, you will not only tone up but also protect your back and prevent further injuries.
Charlotte Dawson MCSP SRP
BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
Back to Fitness Physiotherapy

Ellen // Georgia

If You Desperately Want to Lose the Unsightly Roll of Fat Around Your Stomach and Speed up Your C Section Recovery, Then Please FOLLOW EXPERT ADVICE...
Because the Things You Do or Don't Do Now Will Affect the Way You Look and Feel About Yourself For Years to Come...

At the end of pregnancy and the start of their c section recovery most women really don't like the way their body looks...they don't like the cellulite they have gained or the extra padding they now have around their hips and butt, not to mention the undulating terrain of their jellified baby belly...
For the majority of moms the fact that they are about to have a new baby is more than enough compensation for the changing shape in their body.
It isn't until afterwards that the full horror of what you are left with really sinks in...

  • You may feel pressure to lose weight quickly, which can seem like a huge burden. It always seems that most celebrities can miraculously spring back to shape in just a few days. It can sometimes feel that this is expected of you too!
  • You may be thinking that the most obvious thing to do would be to lay motionless because you are worried about bursting the delicate and painful stitches over your scar, which leads you to being far too over cautious and doing little or no movement of any kind at all. This course of action will actually delay your c section recovery and the healing process by weeks.
  • You may feel housebound because of your cesarean scar and not being able to drive anywhere means you are much more likely to simply do nothing at all. 
  • You're not really sure what is safe to start doing in order to begin losing weight without causing short term pain and long term injury...this usually means that no action is taken at all.
  • Feeling tired, depressed and isolated really aren't ideal states of mind to begin any exercise after c section, but until you manage to start becoming more active, things just won't get any better.

Trying to rush your c section recovery just doesn't work, you can't force your body to repair itself faster than it can naturally do.
There are some things you can do however to help speed things up so you can return back to a normal level of activity and start some gentle forms of exercise after c section... but I'll tell you more about that later...

You'll Have Gained a Lot of Extra Body Fat Over the Last 9 Months and it's Quite Possible That You Weigh More Now Than Ever Before...
This Extra Padding and Your C Section Scar Can Leave You Feeling Tired, Fed Up and Feeling Self Conscious About Your New Body Shape!

If you've spent years trying one diet after another but never managed to control your weight without starving yourself, now is definitely not the time to start another. Doing so could guarantee you face a lifetime battle against obesity and long term issues with your weight.

  • It's often the little things that really hit home such as not being able to tie your shoes or put your socks on. You can cope with this during your pregnancy it's an obvious drawback to having a growing baby inside you, but you probably don't even consider it being a problem after having a c section...but it will definitely hinder your c section recovery and limit the amount of things you can do
  • Many new moms find it difficult to manage to eat properly when their baby is very young, the time it takes to prepare fancy meals and snacks just isn't available any more and as a result they turn to quick, convenience foods which only helps to add on extra pounds and inches
  • It can take a lot of getting used to your new post pregnancy shape. If you've never had them before, it's not easy to accept the jelly belly complete with c section scar, flabby thighs and sagging bottom. Unfortunately most women will just accept their fate and live the rest of their lives in a body they loathe
  • Straight after giving birth many moms radically cut calories in a desperate attempt to lose the pregnancy weight. But this could cause deficiencies in your diet leading to slower healing of your cesarean scar and poor milk quality, meaning your baby might not be getting the vitamins and minerals he or she needs
  • Everyone expects new moms to look a mess, especially after a c section, but the comments of 'haven't you put on some weight' still hurt at a time when your self esteem is at an all time low

If You're Worried About The Pain You've Had During Your C Section Recovery, Worried That You Might Cause It To Come Back Again and This is Stopping You From Doing Anything At All...
You're In Grave Danger Of Making Matters Much, Much Worse...

  • Nobody wants to go through the pain you have just been through by choice and it's understandable that you would want to avoid doing anything that you think might cause you more of the same pain
  • It's normal to feel a pulling and a tightness around the incision site in the early stages of your c section recovery, you certainly don't want to stretch the scar too much, but you do need to encourage blood flow to the area, by gently moving around
  • If you feel that the only position you can get any comfort from is one that means you are bent over double, adopting the familiar 'cesarean stoop', then you will need to start gradually straightening up and walking taller
  • Listening to what your body tells you it is comfortable doing is great advice...but being too cautious could also result in you being completely sedentary, which will really hamper your c section recovery
  • You want to start tightening and firming up your stomach as soon as possible, but the pain you feel each time you bend even slightly makes it an impossibility doing anything at all! 

It's Often Very Difficult to Summon Up the Energy to Do Anything After A C Section, You Feel Tired So You Take it Easy, You Feel Drained So You Eat For Comfort...
Nothing You Do Seems to Give You That Boost, Little Do You Know Your Actions Are Actually MAKING THE PROBLEM EVEN WORSE!

  • Coping with a new baby can be hard enough, but coping on the bare minimum of sleep and your own c section recovery is harder still. You often end up feeling exhausted, in pain and unable to pick yourself up
  • When you are tired and inactive, little things can build up in to huge problems. Being housebound can make you stir crazy, getting irritated at the smallest of things
  • Not moving around can mean your baby suffers because you won't leave the house, missing out on fresh air and you lose out on the chance to clear your head
  • Breastfeeding can be very draining and tiring especially when you are on call for 24 hours a day during the first few weeks, it can be very difficult to get in to any position that feels comfortable and doesn't rub against your c section scar
  • Some days you'll just want to lounge about the house in loose fitting clothes and just the thought of moving around makes you feel exhausted
  • It is usual to feel really low, drained and lethargic following an operation like a cesarean section, it's a major operation, often performed without warning, but the more you rest and take it easy, the worse you feel and the longer your c section recovery will take

Unfortunately When You Leave Hospital, You Aren't Always Armed With the Facts About the Exercises You Should or Shouldn't Do After a Cesarean if you Want to Lose Your Pregnancy Weight Quickly...
Many Women Mistakenly Think That They Will Be Able to Fit Back in to Their Pre Pregnancy Clothes Straight Away or Within Days and That the Fat Covering Their Stomach Will Just Melt Away

  • It is true that after pregnancy the body is primed for fat loss, but it doesn't happen automatically. Your c section recovery should include exercises to re-align your muscles and correct your posture, you have to work with your body and not against it.
  • You will inevitably be left with a layer of crinkly rubber like body fat covering your stomach after giving birth which wobbles as you move. This can easily become a permanent feature if you just blank it from your mind and take no action!
  • Most women don't know what they should or shouldn't do following a caesarean birth, because of this they do nothing at all and are often left with a stubborn tyre of fat around their lower stomach even if they have never had any there before
  • A regular dosing of sit ups or crunches in the early stages of your c section recovery really can be like closing the door on your flat toned stomach forever, never to be seen again. SIT UPS are about THE worst exercise new moms can do, guaranteed to leave you with a rounded pot belly that you will never be able to flatten!
  • Many women make the mistake of accepting that the fat on their stomach is there for good, this can lead to major postural problems, and a potential lifetime of lower back pain
  • Our stomach muscles provide support and stability to the whole body, but especially the spine. Leaving these muscles weak after pregnancy can seriously limit the amount of things you can comfortably and safely do!

If You're a New Mom Coping With A C Section Recovery and Don't Like Your New Body Shape and Want to Lose Your Baby Fat...
But Can't Seem to Find the Time, the Motivation or Energy to do Any Type Of Exercise After C Section...You Are Not Alone...

  • Leaving the house can take hours to prepare for with all the accessories needed for a simple trip out, you end up looking like you are leaving for a holiday, never mind just nipping to the grocery store.
  • With the constant demand of feeding especially in the early days it can leave you struggling to find time in between feeds because no sooner have you finished one feed than your baby is ready for another, or that's how it can feel.
  • It is usually very difficult to get in to a routine with a new baby, you don't know when they will sleep, eat and need changing, you need to be available all the time...you are literally on call 24 hours a day
  • If you have any other children, the fear of making them feel unimportant or less valued because of your new baby leads you to try even harder to spend time with them too. Because you are trying to spread yourself too thinly, nothing really gets properly done
  • Not every mother has the luxury of family or friends that are able to watch on for an hour or so, and you don't always want to impose on them too much. Because of this you can feel that you are left with no time whatsoever to spend on yourself
  • Every new mom finds it difficult to find the time to do anything other than caring for their new baby and looking after their own basic needs during their c section recovery, never mind spending hours exercising at the gym each week... it simply isn't an option

After having two babies, both by c-section, I felt like I needed some guidance and direction to get my body back in shape, particularly my tummy.
I’d tried various workout DVD’s and diet plans but couldn’t get into a routine with any of them and became de-motivated and gave up.
Within 6 weeks of following the plan I found that every aspect of my body shape had dramatically improved.
I started to become toned and had definition throughout.
The plan was easy to fit into my daily life. The exercises focusing on my tummy were basic yet the results through regularly doing them were literally amazing and incredibly quick.
I also found the advice on diet, health and general fitness activity was extremely beneficial and helped to keep me motivated.
I’ve found the whole experience completely uplifting and it has given me the chance to fully enjoy being me again and not a Mummy with a big tummy!
Kate, West Yorkshire

Ellen // Georgia

Miss This Window of Opportunity, do The Wrong Things Now at This Point in Your C Section Recovery and You might as Well Get Used to Seeing a Pot Belly Every Time You Look At Your Feet...

Unfortunately the truth of this is that by leaving your c section recovery to chance, by not taking action now and following a specific program for exercise after c section, your hopes of ever having a flat stomach or a body you can be really proud of may be disappearing in to the distance.
Having a cesarean section really takes it out of your body, as well as coping with your own recovery you have the added challenge of caring for a new born baby who demands your attention 24/7.
Many women can suffer from back problems, a weak pelvic floor and usually gain loads of extra weight and if you don’t act quickly these problems will only get worse.
The way you look is always going to be of secondary importance during your c section recovery and because your fitness also suffers there is a very good chance that you will lose any self confidence you had left...
But The Biggest Problems With Having A Baby By A C Section Are...

  • If you don't take any action to assist your body's recovery and simply leave it to chance, you may have to wait years to regain your figure if indeed you can ever regain it.
  • Your body doesn't just bounce back from major abdominal surgery, you need to help it along throughout your c section recovery and encourage it to repair itself without causing long term damage!
  • Your stomach won't simply pull back in to the shape it was in before you got pregnant, without you taking action to make it happen!
  • Your posture won't rectify itself, if you train your body to stand in a certain way for long enough (as you do when you have just had your c section), you will inherit that posture for ever!
  • You don't start simply burning calories like a furnace just because you have had a baby...think about it for a second...how many women do you know who were over weight before they had children only to be transformed in to toned slender moms after having a baby...it just doesn't happen!
  • Your energy levels will take a nose dive. If you felt tired and run down before, this will only get much worse if don't do any type of exercise after c section.

But there is a solution...

I have spent the last few years researching and testing a solution which dramatically speeds up your c section recovery. I have created a completely unique program which has been specifically designed for new moms who want to exercise after c section.
It is a proven, safe and effective plan that all women can follow starting from straight after the birth, and coming out of hospital right up until they have fully recovered and feel well enough to move on to more advanced exercise options.
I have created 'The Essential Guide To Exercising After a C Section' which is an activity and exercise program that teaches you exactly how to lose fat and tone up in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to…

* Reclaim the body you once had, or wished you had

* Tone and flatten your baby belly in just minutes a day

* Firm up and tone your legs, hips and bottom

* Tighten and repair your pelvic floor muscles

* Melt away cellulite seemingly overnight

* Banish crippling back pain forever

* Boost your c section recovery, so you can return to normality in just weeks rather than months 

With the new found energy and confidence you will gain from following my program, caring for your family will seem like a breeze and as a result you will have more patience and feel relaxed and in control of the whole situation.

"I didn't like my new body shape after I had my baby at all, the thought of being this shape forever just freaked me out.

When I started this programme the changes started happening so rapidly I quickly forgot my worries and anxieties. Before I knew it I was back in to my old clothes.

The simple exercises I learn' t to do following this system were really easy but amazingly effective, they could be done at home, without the need for any equipment. I did them after I had fed Bobby and she slept."

Michelle, Aberdeen

"I feel much happier in myself than I have ever been. I have lost weight in the past but have never felt as fit as I do now. I do feel more confident even wearing skirts nowadays which is something I would never ever have done before. I no longer feel like I am on a diet but just eating healthily. I try to follow the 80/20 rule by eating healthy 80% of the time and enjoying the foods I want for the other 20%.

The advice I would give to anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness is to be patient and lose weight slowly - it definitely stays off for longer, and make sure the goals you set are realistic"

Helen, Cambridge

"I feel really happy at this time in my life, I have the energy to play with my children, my husband loves the new healthier me.

I would advise any new mum to embrace the whole experience. Don't look upon it as something to be endured, but rather something to be enjoyed. Make sure you decide on your exercise times for the week ahead and stick to them, and if possible exercise with someone else, you’re more likely to do it if someone else is relying on you. Finally, don't beat yourself up if you have bad days. Every day is a new start, you will get to where you want to be in the end with a little determination, just enjoy the journey".

Kirsty, Alabama

Have a Look At A Few of the Tips and Techniques You’ll Learn Inside ‘The Essential Guide To Exercising After A Cesarean'...

  • Why 90% of new moms never manage to get back in to shape after having a c section... you'll learn from their mistakes so you can avoid making the same mistakes yourself!
  • How pregnancy has affected your body and what this means to your c section recovery, so you'll know exactly what to avoid doing and when to avoid doing it!
  • Why some exercises and activities just shouldn't be done for at least 5 months after a caesarean, otherwise you run the risk of causing long term injury problems which may even become disabling!
  • The biggest misunderstanding all new moms have about giving birth via a c section, and how you can avoid making the same mistakes they make because of this lack of knowledge.
  • Feeling tired, depressed and isolated really aren't ideal states of mind to begin any exercise after c section, but until you manage to start becoming more active, things just won't get any better.
  • The biggest misunderstanding all new moms have about giving birth via a c section, and how you can avoid making the same mistakes they make because of this lack of knowledge.
  • How doing some simple exercises every day can radically change the shape of your stomach virtually overnight and why not doing them might be the reason why you'll never have a flat, toned stomach again!
  • You'll learn the secret technique personal trainers use to check the condition of your tummy muscles called the 'rec check' and why you should never move on to more advanced exercises until you have passed this important test.
  • The biggest problem with some types of c section exercise and why doing them can have a serious effect on the quality of your milk and the health of your baby!
  • The #1 reason why healthy moms stay in good shape after they have lost their baby weight and why other moms struggle for the rest of their lives. 

My New System Shows You Exactly How to Balance Caring for Your Beautiful New Baby and Shed Excess Body Fat, Giving You Loads More Energy in Just Minutes a Day...

So You Can Get Rid of Those Baggy Jumpers and Elasticated Trousers and Skirts and Feel Proud of Your New Shape.

My new system for exercise after c section is like no other program out there for any woman coping with a c section recovery …
You’ll see results within days!
Your body is an amazing creation and it has the ability to repair itself quickly and dramatically after the trauma of pregnancy, childbirth and major surgery...but you must work with it, not against it!
This is why my system is so effective, it has been designed specifically for new moms who have just been through a cesarean birth...normal exercise and dietary advice don't get results because...

  • You’ll get rid of your baby fat forever. By following this simple program for exercise after c section, losing the weight after having a baby isn’t luck anymore… it's a science!
  • You’ll get back in to the shape you were before you were pregnant or better. Despite the fact that most women never really return to good shape after having children, you’ll have in your possession all the tools you need to ‘beat the system’ and be one of the gorgeous moms others are envious of instead of one of the frumpy, dowdy and plain moms, others feel sorry for!
  • You will get your fitness back in rapid time, by following a simple but structured weight loss strategy designed to speed up your c section recovery, instead of spending hours doing boring cardio (yeah right!, how many new mums have that sort of time to spend on themselves) you’ll learn techniques and simple exercises that you can do with your baby from home. 
  • Because you won't be able to drive at first, you will be very limited to what you can do and without the option of having a personal trainer call out to your home, you are stuck... unless you have my program.

With my system you need no equipment, don't need to use a gym and can do the simple exercises at anytime throughout the day...in fact it is more effective when broken down in to smaller, manageable chunks.
In the glossy magazines you’ll read how one celebrity lost her weight one way, another did a different way and how you can easily do the same if you just eat apples all day or do 2 hours of cardio every morning to burn the fat!
Unfortunately these stories are not helping you at all, they are just features that create interest and sell magazines, their publishers have little concern for the damage they cause when everyday women try these techniques out on themselves.

The Fact of the Matter is That Celebrities Are Just Normal People...
They Aren't Made Any Differently to You Or Me...
They Simply Follow a Few Simple Exercises That Take Just Minutes a Day to Do AND Have One of The Biggest Reasons To Get Back In To Shape Possible...
Their Careers Depend Upon It!

Money can buy you the best of things and get you a lot of help, nanny's and child minders, fresh food ordered, prepared and delivered direct to the door, your own personal trainer to name but a few.
But the truth is any new mom still needs to take action, they need to follow a few very simple exercises which take only minutes to do each day that produce the almost instant changes to the size and shape of their baby bellies. Going from soft and mushy to firm and taught seemingly overnight.
But the real reason why the stars always seem to look good so soon after having a baby is that they NEED to look good quickly, the media doesn't want pictures of run down, over weight and tired looking celebrities. The pressure of their profession means they don't have the luxury of looking out of shape for any amount of time.
This pressure is the main reason why the stars get back in to shape so quickly. They are motivated to do the simple things. It isn't their personal trainer, nanny or cook that gets them the results they want, it comes from themselves, they NEED to do it.
The good news for you is that if you have that same desire and that same wish to get your body back in to shape after a c section then you too can achieve exactly the same results. A C section recovery is exactly the same whether you are famous or not, but you do need a plan of action and a system that teaches you the exact same techniques and strategies that all the top celebrities use and this is where my program comes in...

The Essential Guide to Exercise After A C Section Isn't An Off the Wall Exercise Regime...
It's A System Designed for New Moms During Their C Section Recovery, That You Can Start Within Days of Giving Birth...
It's a Program That I GUARANTEE Will Work For You!

And look here are some more of the things you will discover when you order your copy of my superb NEW system...

  • Why some activities you do before you are pregnant and just take for granted are absolutely essential to avoid during your c section recovery, because of the stress they place on your weakened muscles and joints. 
  • You'll see a unique range of movements that any mom can do that allows you to safely exercise after c section to tighten and strengthen your muscles which take just minutes a day and can be done without the need for any equipment at all.
  • Why exercising at certain times of the day leaves you feeling invigorated and full of vitality whilst other times simply drain away at your energy, leaving you feeling tired all day. 
  • Discover why some types of exercises work at first and why the same exercises stop working after only a few days, you'll learn the secret top personal trainers use to continually get amazing results with their clients who have just had a c section.
  • The 4 most important tummy tightening exercises you should use to speed up you c section recovery...guaranteed to tighten your baby belly. They are shown using clear photographs with easy to follow instructions, so you can follow along, confident that you are doing them right. 
  • Find out the safe way to get up and down from the floor to avoid twisting or causing long term damage to your scar. 
  • Learn the top 5 different ways of walking with a pushchair after a cesarean, that can supercharge your weight loss efforts to a much higher level.

"Like many new moms I had to contend with a new baby, a small child, family and work to juggle in just 24 hours a day.

I hated the way my new pregnancy belly looked and I was desperate to get back in to some sort of shape. I had no idea how I could find the time or energy to do anything about it?

I have to admit it, before I had Tamzin I was really worried. I didn't know how I would I get back in to shape afterwards, I was huge and after all, this was our second child and I was 34 years old. I was plagued with back ache and to be honest I really didn't know how I would regain my figure.

My weight spiralled and the migraines I had became an ever increasing problem, having at least one a week and I felt an overwhelming tiredness. I was depressed.

Within days of starting the program I was getting compliments of "How well I Looked" and comments of "When did you have your baby" in disbelief.Within 2 weeks I was back in to my old clothes. People who were expecting to see a wreck..were amazed at the way I looked. I had it all under control and I felt great.

I felt incredible and have done ever since.

I thought losing my baby belly and the weight I'd gained would be such a wrench and a challenge I wouldn't be able to meet, instead it became something I loved and it transformed my life."

Ruth Powell

Ruth pictured above, before and after 8 weeks.

Ellen // Georgia

"After giving birth to a premature baby in June and my baby having to spend 2 months in hospital, the last thing I had been thinking about was losing my baby weight and claiming my body back.
Take aways and snacks on the go were becoming more of a routine. Once my baby was home, it was time for me to face the truth. I didn't like looking at myself, and the prospect of buying clothes for myself filled me with dread.
I knew I needed to do something but was unsure how I was going to combine healthy eating, exercise and 2 children.
After seeing the programme, I felt confident that the eating and exercise plan would help me lose weight, but also support and help my body recover from the pregnancy.
The eating plan was very easy to follow. All meals were simple and easy to prepare, which of course is essential when you are on the go with a baby. Some meals can be prepared in advance, such as the homemade soups, which have been really tasty. Non of the foods on the plan, were expensive 'diet' products. It was just simple, but tasty healthy eating.
The exercise plan was really easy. I thoroughly enjoyed going for a walk everyday with my baby. It even gave me the confidence to rejoin the gym. I also saw my fitness levels increase, which made me feel so much better about myself.
I would recommend the programme to any new mum, its realistic and more of a way of life now rather than a programme".
Emma, Halifax

Emma lost 17lbs, 12cm off her waist and 11cm off her hips in just under 8 weeks.

Ellen // Georgia

The Reason Why My Program Will Work For You...
Is that my system tackles all of these problems in one go, by following my advice you'll...

* Burn away your pregnancy fat quickly
* Reduce or eliminate any lower back pain
* Flatten and firm your wobbly baby belly in just weeks instead of months or even years
* Gain loads of energy - By doing little and often, your energy levels will go through the roof
* Recover from the birth in rapid time, because healing nutrients are being circulated around the body
* Gain back your self confidence and start liking the way you look again

But the #1 reason why this system works is that it has been designed specifically for new moms that want to start to exercise after c section straight away in order to lose weight and flatten their baby belly.
It has been created by someone who has had the experience of working with many different women from all walks of life and with many different time and family issues.
I know what works safely and without risk, I have researched and tested this system for c section recovery on hundreds of clients so you don’t have to search for the answers yourself

Just To Summarize - 'The Essential Guide To Exercising After A C Section' Gives You All This...

  • Small, manageable chunks of easy to do exercise which take just a few minutes to do each day. This program has been designed to fit around the patterns of feeding, changing and sleep. You should feel no pain and won't even break in to a sweat doing the tummy tightening exercises.
  • You can’t really leave your baby at this stage, certainly not for long!
  • By boosting your body’s own production of feel good hormones and speeding up your c section recovery…you can beat the baby blues head on. By following this simple c section recovery plan you will feel energized all day, every day, able to cope with the stresses that most new mothers feel.
  • This is a safe and effective program designed for new moms who have just given birth via cesarean, whether it was an emergency section or planned. Exercise after c section is fraught with risks if you don't know what you should be doing.
  • Which lists the things you need to do in order to lose pregnancy weight and flatten your tummy after a c section, broken down in to small bite size chunks that can be completed in just minutes a day

Generic weight loss programs just aren’t suitable for new moms following a c section. My system has a specific series of exercises and techniques you simply must follow throughout your entire c section recovery if you have hopes of ever having a flat and toned stomach again, and this program will teach you exactly how to do all of them.

But Wait, There's Even More, You'll Also Discover How To...

  • This program focuses on helping you to lose your pregnancy fat, firm your tummy muscles and strengthen the entire body to assist in recovery from c section. The pelvic tilting exercises you’ll learn are the SECRET to firming and flattening your tummy, not doing these could lead to having a rounded pot belly for the rest of your days.
  • You don’t have to wait months or even years to regain you figure because I have designed this program so that it is safe for any new mom to do straight after a c section. Once your stomach starts to firm up, you will gain a huge boost to your confidence levels...after 9 long months you’ll start to like the way you look again.
  • This system works in harmony with your body at a time when you are convalescing. All the activities and exercises are specifically for new moms going through c section recovery who don’t have the time or interest in spending hours a day exercising!
  • Possibly the most common problem new moms suffer from is constant back pain. My program teaches you vital postural exercises which eliminate back pain quickly instead of having to suffer for years with crippling pain!
  • By boosting your metabolism you will burn calories even at rest, whilst actually eating more. I'll show you some secret personal training tips that will allow you to eat more AND actually lose weight.
  • You'll quickly be able to get in to your old clothes. The simple exercises you’ll learn take just minutes to do, are easy to follow, don't involve getting sweaty or tired and have been designed to fit easily in to your daily routine.
  • You’ll discover and learn how to do essential pelvic floor exercises which will help to speed up your recovery, they will give you increased sensation and confidence so that when your mind is ready to have sex again your body is also ready and willing!
  • You’ll learn which exercises to do that are safe as well as being effective and discover why doing sit ups may be the most disastrous thing you can do until your stomach has realigned…and why they are almost guaranteed to give you a rounded stomach forever!
  • Based on performing small amounts of low intensity, low impact fitness walking, any mom can do this type of invigorating exercise, but the best thing is I have designed this so that your baby can be also be involved too. Following this plan closely each day ensures that your body is burning fat 24/7, even when you are resting.

Generic weight loss programs just aren’t suitable for new moms following a c section. My system has a specific series of exercises and techniques you simply must follow throughout your entire c section recovery if you have hopes of ever having a flat and toned stomach again, and this program will teach you exactly how to do all of them.

But How Much Will You Have To Pay For This?

My initial thoughts were to offer the program as a printed package, delivered to you for around $145.00.
It took me over 6 months to research, design and perfect this system... I have worked round the clock to get it just right.
But even though this is still much less than you would expect to pay for having a personal trainer to call out to your house for 8 weeks which would cost you in the region of a minimum of $375.00.
I thought that a price of $145.00 might take it out of reach of most everyday moms

So Here's What I Decided To Do…

Since shipping and printing is a huge expense for me, I’ve decided to offer my program at a deeply discounted rate of just $69.99 $29.99, but as a downloadable eBook package instead.

This way it doesn’t cost me anything to produce and you can have access to it instantly.

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A detailed c section recovery guide that tells you everything you need to know about safely exercising after a c section. This superb NEW eBook contains essential information and an easy to follow, detailed formula of exactly what to do and when to do it...dont leave your c section recovery to chance, take action by following these simple and quick steps to speed up the healing process, banish your baby belly forever and lose weight rapidly.

The Essential Guide To Exercise After C Section

Inside you'll learn...

The safest and most effective exercises you should do to burn off stubborn baby fat quickly

How often and when you need to do these little known essential tummy tightening movements

How to test if your stomach is strong enough to progress on to more advanced exercises

How much exercise is safe for you to do and when is the best time to do it!

And much, much more, but if that’s not enough…
If you order now I’ll also include ALL of the following superb bonuses absolutely FREE: -

Bonus #1

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The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan

BONUS #1 (worth $29.99) - order now to receive this eBook completely FREE - 'The Baby Belly Fat Loss Plan' - Nutrition manual
This manual contains simple menus, shopping lists and quick snack choices in a day by day format, to ensure that you are feeding your body and baby the right types and amounts of foods essential for your total recovery and rapid return to shape.
•You'll discover an easier way to eat healthily choosing foods that fill you up for longer, without the addition of extra calories that also saves you time and money! 
•You'll learn how much you should be eating and when to eat it and also the crucial timing of changing the way you eat to avoid gaining pounds instead of losing them. 
•Find out a simple but time tested way of eating which guarantees weight loss at the same time as fitting in to a new moms busy schedule. 
•You' ll learn some great tricks to make eating healthily over the course of your c section recovery quick and simple to do even on your most hectic days! 
•Discover a range of quick and healthy food alternatives, that provides you with loads of energy and make you fuller for longer. 
•The #1 biggest mistake all new moms make by NOT getting enough of this and why doing this simple thing each day will improve the quality of your hair, your skin and energy levels 100%! 
•A step by step post pregnancy eating system that includes shopping lists and daily menus, leaving you to eat on auto pilot, no need to worry about what you are going to eat, it has all been planned out for you, it couldn't be easier! 

Bonus #2

$9.97 FREE

How To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor In Just Minutes A Day...

BONUS #2 (worth $19.99) - order now to receive this eBook completely FREE - 'How to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor in Just Minutes a Day'
A complete step by step, instructional BONUS guide that takes you through essential pelvic floor techniques to quickly and safely return your pelvic floor to its normal health.
These simple exercises are quick to do, take a minimum of effort, can be done anywhere and take just minutes to do each day.
Discover exactly which exercises you need to do, how often and when to do them so you quickly notice a difference and avoid embarrassing leakage.

Bonus #3

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Baby Safety Tips...

Order now and you'll also receive this great eBook completely FREE - 'Baby Safety Tips'
This handy guide tells you everything you need to know about how to keep your baby safe when you're at home. This truly is a one of a kind eBook that you won't find in any bookstore.
It's a complete step by step manual which walks you through all the potential hazards of the home and garden including some that you'd never even think could be dangerous to your baby.

This book helps you to take all reasonable precautions to avoid disasters and injuries to your beautiful new baby.
If you think your home is a safe place for a baby...THINK AGAIN!

You'll be shocked at what you learn inside this great baby safety manual.

Bonus #4

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Walking For Weight Loss...

This is a 6 week walking plan that is unique because it’s a totally new approach to losing weight and toning all your problems areas.

It’s a walking guide and training program that's perfect for new moms or anyone who wants to lose weight, tone up and get fit using this often forgotten form of exercise and activity.

ALL the workouts can be done on your own if you have someone to look after your baby for half an hour OR can be done pushing your baby in a stroller.

Bonus #5

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Quick, Easy And Delicious Soup Recipes...

Discover a wide collection of tasty and nutritious recipes which are both simple and quick to prepare whilst requiring virtually no cooking skills or expertise whatsoever.

Soups are a quick and easy meal that almost anyone can make.

They're easy, low fat, nutritious and simple to make, which is exactly what you need when time is short but you still want something healthy to eat.

I guarantee anyone can make a great tasting soup, by simply following the simple step by step recipes and directions contained within this eBook.

Bonus #6

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55 Energy Boosting Smoothies...

Over 50 of the most mouthwatering smoothies ever created, some of the tastiest and easy to make ‘on the go’ energy boosters - guaranteed to provide your body with the best of nutrients to fuel your recovery.

Quick and easy to make,  perfect to prepare when time is short and you need a quick, healthy drink on the go.

These smoothies and shakes are low in fat whilst being full of flavour and great to taste!

Bonus #7

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Eat Your Way Slim - 101 Healthy Snacks...

Healthy snacks and appetizers don't need to be bland, tasteless and boring any more. In fact it's important to your success that the foods you eat definitely aren't like that otherwise temptation will lead you to making the wrong choices.

With over 100 healthy snack foods and appetisers, both instant natural foods that can be eaten straight away and those that ned a little more preparation - you'll never need to turn to junk foods ever again to fill the gaps in your diet.

Who doesn't need new snack ideas that are tasty, healthy, simple to make and quick to prepare?

All the recipes can be made in advance and taken with you to work or wherever you need to go each day, so you've got the right kinds of foods ready to eat and waiting for you whenever you need them.

Bonus #8

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Healthy Salad Recipes...

Forget dull boring tasteless salads. These recipes are nothing like that. Packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals as well as being super tasty, you're sure to find some recipes that you love.

The recipes are great for stand alone meals or perfect to serve with meat or fish for a super healthy treat. But perhaps the best thing about these recipes is that the preparation is so easy. You really don't need any cooking skills whatsoever to prepare these healthy salads.

I've also added a delicious range of quick and easy dressings so you can pimp up your salads even further. I guarantee you'll discover some meals you'll want to make time and time again.

'The Essential Guide To Exercising After A Caesarean' has worked for hundreds of new moms and it will work for you too, I guarantee it or you can keep the program for FREE...I’ll return your money, it’s as simple as that.

100% RISK-FREE Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't 100% satisfied that the ‘The Essential Guide For Exercising After A Caesarean' provides you with absolutely everything you need to know about your c section recovery so that you can begin a safe and effective program of exercise after c section, then you can simply request a full and complete refund in the next 60 days. I am pleased to be able to offer you a no questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee.
And should you decide that the program isn't right for you in any way whatsoever, then I would like you to keep all of the special bonuses, which in themselves amount to a total of $153.93 as my way of saying "Thanks for trying it out!"

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It’s difficult to truly understand which is the best way to exercise after c section.
You'll hear so many mixed messages from different people, some will tell you to carry on as normal, some will advice you to do nothing at all..often you just don't know what to do for the best.
But you can relax you have found your solution... this works!
I have created an exercise plan that answers all your questions and helps to speed up your c section recovery. Based upon my experience and extensive research through real life working in the trenches knowledge I have gained with my private 1 to 1 clients over the last 10 years.
I have tested this on them and perfected it before releasing it to you. This is the reason why I am so sure it will work for you too and am happy to offer such a generous, iron clad, 100% money back guarantee.
Yours Sincerely,

Jago Holmes, CPT
Author, ‘The Essential Guide To Exercising After A Caesarean’

Well it’s over to you, the decision is yours now…

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Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed - my system has been used by hundreds of my own new mom clients and it works, and I guarantee it will work for you too!

P.P.S. Remember by ordering “The Essential Guide To Exercising After A Caesarean' are not only getting a comprehensive 30 page fully illustrated exercise and activity manual which guides you safely through the essential DO's and DON'TS of exercise after c section but you will also receive at no extra cost to yourself all of the bonuses worth $153.93 TOTALLY FREE which also contain vital information to help promote full and rapid c section recovery.

P.P.P.S. There is just one small catch to this offer, I have put this package together and included all these extra bonuses which are for sale elsewhere at the prices you've seen, but I am not sure how long I am going to offer these extra bonuses for FREE.

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PLEASE NOTE: ‘The Essential Guide To Exercising After A Caesarean' is a downloadable eBook system. No physical products will be shipped. Immediately after placing your order you will have instant access to download the eBooks to your own computer.


…Even If It's 2 A.M. Or On A Weekend

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Jago Holmes is not a physician. The contents of this product or website should not be taken as medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health problem – nor is it intended to replace the advice of a physician. Always consult your physician or qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health. By participating in this workout program, you agree that Jago Holmes shall not be liable or responsible for any injuries to you resulting from your participation in this workout program (whether at home, at a health club, or anywhere else).

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If you aren't 100% satisfied that the ‘The Essential Guide For Exercising After A C Section' provides you with absolutely everything you need to know about your c section recovery so that you can begin a safe and effective program of exercise after c section, then you can simply request a full and complete refund in the next 60 days. I am pleased to be able to offer you a no questions asked, 60 day money back guarantee.
And should you decide that the program isn't right for you in any way whatsoever, then I would like you to keep all of the special bonuses, which in themselves amount to a total of $153.93 as my way of saying "Thanks for trying it out!"

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